Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Return to Wildlife Safari
(Excuse the underlining - I can't find how to escape it up here!)

Mick had never EVER been to Wildlife Safari before, and we were coming off a super hard week of Spring Break -- ScienceWorks (exhilarating but hard), Strep throat (Dane was almost over it and I'd been on antibiotics for 24 hours on this day), and lovely houseguests the week before that -- so we decided to reconnect with each other.

We drove a hundred miles north to renew our membership at Wildlife Safari, in hopes of finding some Spring babies AND seeing what sort of Good Deals we could find again this year.

For renewing our membership, we got a FREE ELEPHANT CAR WASH (look at that elephant loving on our van!) - valued at $20.

We rode in the Safari Bus out to Feed The Bears (knocked down to $10 per person instead of $40 as a Spring Break Special):

We threw the bears apples, and we had to be careful not to tag them in the head (we weren't always the best shots, though, sorry to say -- thankfully the bears never held it against us):

And lastly, we went on the Lion Training excursion (again, FREE with our membership renewal) -- where horse meat and a dummy stick got the lions to stand up on their awesome hind legs...

The lions were magnificent, and probably Mick's favorite, but I think we'd all agree the cutest little cutie patooties were the baby goats.

And Dane loved the camels -- he took these pictures:

And to top it all off, we had to participate in this special Reynolds tradition:



Jennie Englund said...

Looks like a really great way to end a really baaaaaad week!

Natalie N said...

What a great family outing. Love that Mick got to come along for the fun. Great pictures, too! :)

anjie said...

I probably made it baaaaader sounding than it was -- but that strep was a doozy! It felt like a fiery knife in the throat. The rest of the week was delightful. :)

Anonymous said...

Man, what great deals you got, just for renewing your membership. You experienced almost everything Safari Land had to offer.
Memories, oh memories. You're creating them day by day.
What a L O N G DAY, but oh so fruitful.
JJJ/Grammy Jan Jan/Mom
Really enjoyed this blog.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have been a better get-a-way for you all. What a fun day.
Mom, Big Share, Mema

Anonymous said...

PS. the pictures are wonderful!!
(I love the sheep tongues)
Mom, Big Share, Mema