Friday, April 02, 2010


While surfing the web to find an online copy of Underwired Magazine (haven't found one yet - might have to just wait until they mail me my hard copy from Kentucky and then scan it) I ran across this tweet on Underwired's Twitter account:

  1. Essay submissions for next UW were hilarious. Our favorite? Hands down... To Cop A Feel. There was a lot to say about the "Backside" theme.

Now isn't that a sweet tweet?


Jennie Englund said...

Sweetest Tweet Ever!

I went to bed singing it, and woke up that way, too!

Anonymous said...

The funnest news!
Loved talking to you about it on phone.
Mom and Don

Anonymous said...

WOW! Hands off the BEST EVER IS 'TO COP A FEEL'- or was that 'TO FEEL A COP'? That'd be quite a different story.
CONGRATS! Looking forward to the publication.
How's your book proceeding? Still planning on reaching your deadline of either early May or the end of May? Keep on keeping on.
You're an amazing individual. So proud of you as my son's wife, my grandchildren's mother and a woman wearing MANY OTHER HATS. WOW!
May God richly continue to bless your life.

anjie said...

Jan, I think you've just inspired my next essay: To Feel A Cop. The possibilities are endless!