Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Sense: A Conversation with Dane

Dane: Mom, how's your book coming along?

Me: Uh, super slow. I think I want to give up on it. It's going nowhere.

Dane: I know a book you could write that would be easy!

Me: Really? [raise eyebrow] What?

Dane: Just write a Dictionary!



Anonymous said...

I can imagine most writers at one time have said, 'It's going so slowly, I want to give up, it's going nowhere'. You're not alone.
These are words I'm surprised to hear from you, Anjie.
You're so upbeat and positive. And you are so excellent with words. You're amazing!
So, hang in there, okay?
Dane's idea of a dictionary - don't even think of it. But just keep putting Webster's dictionary words together over and over in your skillful and insightful ways and 'voila' your book will be ready to publish.
It's painful to not be reading your ideas, plot, characters, etc. But I look forward to reading your book. When?
Keep plugging along. You've a life outside of the book writing to live, too. So, enjoy the trip.
Breath in, breathe out, breath in, breath out ....

Anonymous said...

I wish those darn bugs would leave the kids alone. Get well, Dane. Keep on reading!
Anj, we know you can do it. Like Jan says, just keep putting those words together as you so wonderfully do.
Mema / Mom

Jennie Englund said...

I think you actually could write a dictionary. Here, I'll give you two newbies: