Monday, April 19, 2010

Major Triumphs In The Minor League

With the sun shining down on Field 5, Dane and his Yankees faced the Phillies on Saturday. They ultimately lost the game 7-9, but let me tell you what my kid did:

He bunted a run in, he stole third base, he scored, and he caught an amazing high fly ball to center field that surprised everyone in the dugout and in the grandstands, and possibly even Dane himself. ("I had my eyes closed, Mom!")

That fly ball was pretty much Dane's best play ever, and his dad had tears in his eyes to prove it.

Dane would still really like a shot at playing catcher - or anywhere on the infield - but he's got a great attitude and just keeps asking his coach what he needs to learn to be given that chance.

Coach's answer? Keep practicing.

Dane's answer? You got it, coach.

When Aubrey and her Mariners warm up for her game on Wednesday night, Dane and I already have plans to hit the lower field where he'll see what it's like to pitch from the mound to my mitt behind home plate.

Because he'd love to be a pitcher, too - and ya gotta love a kid with dreams.


Michael said...

Wow! That's so exciting, Dane. See? All those hours of playing catch early in the season are really paying off now. Remember that the outfield produces some of the best players in the sport of baseball.
Wish we could see your team play a game. Maybe we can when we bring Mimi for a visit in June. Or will the season be over by then? I'd love to watch Aubrey in her games too. I know that would be FUN.

Anonymous said...

Dane, have I ever told you my favorite baseball memory?

I think I was in 5th or 6th grade and my grade school, Parkland Elementary, was playing Central Avenue, one of the other three elementary schools in our school district.

I was playing right field where there's not much activity - usually a lefty would hit out to right field but alas, not a mass of lefty hitters.

Well, the game was in the last inning and I was bored to bits out there with not much to do. We were ahead but the other team was playing hard to win.

Coach Larson was our school principal and I heard him YELL, "COLTOM, my last name, DROP YOUR BOOK!" I did that quickly and looked up and saw a ball arcing towards me and quite surprisingly to me, the coach, teammates and the hitter that I ACTUALLY CAUGHT THE BALL!!!

There were cheers and my catch allowed us to win!

Coach Larson, a good friend of my Dad, would bring up that memory every time I saw him until his passing at around age 85. He'd chuckle a bit and congratulate me again BUT in his coaching history I was his ONE AND ONLY player who READ A BOOK while waiting what seemed like forever for a ball to come her way.

So, my suggestion to you is KEEP READING and KEEP PLAYING SPORTS - BUT DON'T MIX THE TWO!!!

I can't even imagine you'd do such a thing.

Grammy Jan Jan/ Dumbo

Was the sun in your eyes when you made your amazing catch in center field?

Your coach hit it on the nail when he recommended PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Please share my memory with Aubrey. Thanks

KUrlie said...

YAHOO!!! Way to go Dane! You sounded ready to go when I spoke to you before your game, and now I KNOW you were ready to go! Nice job pal, keep up the good practicing!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Dear Grammy,
it was kind of dark but sunny so it was hard to see the ball.
But I did not have a book.Ha Ha Ha!

love Dane

Jennie Englund said...

Could it have been the extra set of push-ups Dane did on our kitchen floor?

That boy has HEART!

LOVE Jan's memory, too!

Natalie N said...

What a sweet re-cap, Anjie! And WAY TO GO DANE! Loved hearing all about this. Keep up the SUPER work, guys!

Anonymous said...

Dane...I was on the phone with your mom when you bunted. Needless to say, there was A LOT of yelling and cheering for you coming from her, so ended the phone call.
What fun that you had so many good play (in one game!!) Way to go, and way to be focused.
Keep up the dedicated practice.