Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm home from SCBWI, which was inspiring, but I'm home with a sick girl who projectiled onto the nurse today, which was not so inspiring. (Well, maybe it was a little inspiring.)

This could be all I post for SCBWI then, given the circumstances, but I'll at least make it juicy. Here's me with Matt Holm, illustrator for the adorable Babymouse graphic novel series:

I knew Aubrey would love this, so I had him sign her copy -- but when I figured out his sister writes the books and he illustrates them, I had him add Dane's name to the inscription, as a source of inspiration for my own little writing/drawing brother/sister team.


Anonymous said...

Was the school nurse the recipient of Aubrey's barf?
How were she and cousins over the weekend?
Aubrey, what did you and your cousins enjoy over the weekend? Was Barritt still sick?
Hopefully all will be well VERY SOON!!! Somehow this has been a season of sicknesses for the Ashland Reynolds' clan.
Love to all of you and looking forward to your blog about your weekend in Redmond, Anjie.
And, Mick, would enjoy hearing about your 'dental' +++ weekend.
Speaking of weekends, sweet Dane, what did you get to enjoy with Logan & family?
Grammy, JJJ, Mom

anjie said...

It was the nurse practitioner! She hadn't thrown up, but her burps smelled like sulfur and that worried me (as did her pale face and lips, her really upset stomach, and other symptoms). But Poor Nures Frires!

You'll have to call about the other stuff. I don't think I'll be blogging answers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that will be interesting to see what the future holds for Dane and Aubrey as a TEAM.
They both like to draw...and they both like to write.
I'll be watching, of course!
Love you all, Mema