Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Here's Aubrey standing next to the world's tallest living man, Sultan Kosen, and the (formerly, recently, RIP) world's shortest man, He Pingping. For the project, the kids all sat in a circle, measured out the tall height and the short height onto separate pieces of butcher paper, and took turns drawing the body parts. They couldn't believe the contrast in heights between these two people -- and how they (the students) stood in comparison.

They also measured their waists in comparison to the world's smallest waist, a mere 15", a record held by Cathy Jung, who's been wearing corsets for 20 years and can't stand up now without one because her organs are all squished above and below her waist and her muscles there are shot! Find a coffee can -- we're talking smaller around than that. The kids' waists all measured in at around 22-30", if I remember correctly.

Here's all the butterfly art. The Queen Alexandra butterfly has an 11" wingspan, so it was easy to tell the kids to make their wing spans reach to the edges of standard paper laid out in landscape. They had the option to design their own colorful wings; I think Aubrey's the only one who chose to try to imitate it exactly. See if you can find it! (Click for larger image, of course.)

And here's one of the creepy clay creations. Dane opted to measure and replicate the world's longest tongue, which is nearly 4"!

Other clay projects were bulging eyeballs stuck up against their own eye sockets, long ropes of fingernails attached to the hand, and 7 inches of clay stretched from the ear to demonstrate the world's longest ear hair. (Grody!)

I would teach this camp topic again in a heartbeat. The subject is SO ripe for curiosity, wonder, and the opportunity for students to situate themselves in a larger context.


Anonymous said...

What a difficult week, yet a marvelous one. That tongue, Dane, is oh so long - yikes!
Guess it doesn't pay off to have the smallest waist - not great for one's bod.
Loved the largest butterflies and Aubrey what a pretty flier you created. Some records aren't worth the effort.
Looks like a winner, Anjie, for next years schedule.
Grammy Jan Jan/JJJ

Jessica said...

Ick and wow and unbelievable! What a great series of projects! Good work everybody!

Anonymous said...

With Aubrey standing by the tallest and shortest drawings the comparison is absolutely unreal. The little one, is just a little taller than when our babies were born! Oh my!
Well, it wasn't hard to figure out which was Aubrey's "princess or queen" butterfly, and in pink, of course. Nice job Aubrey.
Dane, I can't EVEN imagine having a tongue like that!?!? It looked too wierd coming out of your lips. Yuk!!!!!!!! and Gross!!!!!
You all had a fascinating week, and EXCELLENT topic to intrigue those young minds, Anj.
Five stars for each of you.
Mom / Mema

anjie said...

Thanks for commenting, Mom (and Jan and Jessica)! Aubrey's actually isn't the pink one -- hers is the middle, far-right blue/green one. :)

Anonymous said...

WELL, so much for not looking closely enough...does that say something about my attention to detail? Aubrey's for-real one, is Much more Technical. Good job, Aubs!
Oh, and I just noticed that Dane's shirt under his green one Matches the bright color of the Tongue. Cool, Dane!
Love you, Mema