Sunday, March 21, 2010


Camp starts this week! Following is the note I'll send home with parents the first day; above is a photo of He Pingping, the World's Shortest Man, holding the hand of the World's Tallest Man. He Pingping died last weekend at age 21. RIP, Pingping.

* * *

Welcome to Spring Break Camp!

This week at ScienceWorks we'll focus on measurable extremes in the world: shortest/tallest, fastest/slowest, most/least, biggest/smallest... From the natural (world's largest mammal) to the cultivated (world's longest fingernails) to the man-made (world's smallest bicycle) -- and all sorts of categories in between -- we'll be curious about and amazed by World Records.

Daily Themes:
Monday - How High? How Heavy?
Tuesday - Amazing Animal Records
Wednesday - Bizarre Human Feats
Thursday - World Record Field Day (Dress for any weather!)
Friday - Dream and Scheme

At home, might be fun to check out with your kid. And, if you've ever been part of a world record -- or if you've had a memorable experience to share about a record-holder -- tell your kid so they can share the news with the class!

One last note: Your child will learn at camp that any world record making or breaking she or he might come up with will need to be cleared with you first!

Looking forward to this,

* * *

If you've read this far, dear Reader, do YOU have a favorite world record???


Jennie Englund said...

Anjie-O, have a really fun,
science-y week! You've worked so hard to prepare, and now you get rewarded with all those smiles and giggles.

Long live He!

Michael said...

Anj, As they say in the theater biz, "go break a leg". Just make sure it's the longest leg ever recorded in the world! Have fun.

Mike and Jan

KUrlie said...

I am so bummed - I WANT TO BE THERE!!! I hope it all goes really well and have no doubts at all that the kids are going to love it.