Tuesday, March 09, 2010

(Dane made the Minor Leagues!)

Dane tried out last weekend for the Ashland Little League.

He didn't catch any fly balls in the outfield and didn't hit a single ball he was pitched - but the little fella played first base okay and evidently showed he's got alotta heart. He was drafted this week onto the "Yankees" Baseball team!

His coach called to tell him last night. Dane was grinning and saying "okay" and "yes" a lot, pacing the hallway.

His practices start tomorrow - and he'll have two a week, plus some weekend batting practice at the cages. The first game is April 3rd. The cool thing is that the fields and batting cage are just a few blocks away from our house, so Dane can easily ride his bike there.

I spoke with Coach Mark after he finished talking to Dane and learned he's been coaching all ages for years - and he's excited to coach yet again. Mark says he laid awake until midnight after the draft thinking about practices and drills. He says he does a lot of work with kids in small groups, and individually, which sounds perfect for a kid like Dane who says he wants to work hard and LOVES BASEBALL!

As usual, Dane has a sense of himself that Mick and I admire. Dane came home from tryouts and assessed his own skills. He said there were kids at tryouts who really knew what they were doing, and that he sees he's "got a lot of practicing to do." He says, "I need to get back into the groove. I want to be a pitcher. And I love batting."

And here's the thing about Dane: he'll do it, and he'll be excited about any progress he makes.

(To his credit, he hasn't picked up a baseball since last season. That's already changed. He carries his glove and a tennis ball around the house and throws grounders down the hallway to bounce back at him. He and Aubrey have also headed to our little fields next door to play catch -- Mick and I will do the same with him.)

One last note: It was perfect that he'd just seen Dennis Quaid in The Rookie. If you haven't seen it, check out the inspiring story of a middle age guy who followed his dream to play in the pros.


KUrlie said...

Go Dane!!! Have fun playing and learning this season! I'm proud of you pal!

Love ya,

Jennie Englund said...

Dane is a world class athlete already: gracious, coachable, committed, enthusiastic...

Go get 'em, cutie!

Wendy Jung said...

Hey Anj,

I'm a follower now! :)
Dane sounds like a great kid!


Anonymous said...

That is great news! We will be excited to hear about your season as it progresses.
Have a blast!
Love, Mema and Papa