Friday, March 19, 2010


Check out this inspiring story Uncle Rod sent us about a father/daughter reading routine. It will astound you - and probably make you want to crack a book with a kid right this instant.

Click here for the NYT article.

I can't read The Giving Tree to my kids without getting a big old lump in my throat. And I love reading Small Brown Dog's Bad Remembering Day in as many different voices or accents as possible. And reading the Ramona books or the Anne of Green Gables series to my mom as she cooked up dinner are some of my favorite reading moments ever.

So tell me: What book have you loved reading to another - as a kid or as an adult?


Jennie Englund said...

That article blew me away! It had everything: family, tradition, books, college...

Thanks so much for passing it on, Anj! And thanks to Jan, too, for making sure I'd read it!

Anonymous said...

What and absolutley wonderful article in the NYT! It and this blog really brought back memories to more time.
Although we didn't continue to read together, we would oft times read tha same book and I would have to find it from whereever Anj had hid it from me, the rascal! This continued through high school, and now I take reading assignments from do have a great list of reads, Anj.