Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The kids dressed Seuss-ish today to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday with their classmates. Dr. Seuss was born back in 1904, so he's... um, you know, like a hundred and something.

In honor of Dr. Seuss

We've got Thing 1 or Thing 2
Who forgooo the blue do:

And Cindy Lou Who
With her little pink boo:

Now, think quick and think fast
'Cause I just have to ask:
Who would you be
If you could be all Seuss-y?

Would you don Hop on Pop
As a fat yellow mop?
Or go green and mean grin
Like a Grinch, long and thin?

Would you Cat in the Hat
With stripes all like that?
Or go Sam I Am septic
Like a Ham and Egg skeptic?

Would you Horton A Who
With ears that could flew?
Or One Fish and Two Fish
Your Red Fish and Blue Fish?

Whatever you'd do
Don't keep it to you.
Write it down in my box
Like a good Fox in Socks.

(I'm serious! Tell me who! Who?)


anjie said...

Well, I'll get things started
(Oo, the nearest rhyme is _arted)
But a Max I would be
The Grinch's forlorn dogg-y.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo Who who?
What a challenge you've set for me to do-ooo.

I'd be asking DO YOU LIKE MY HAT?
My jewelry, or something like that?

You may have to answer more I guess
As I continued my asking - LIKE MY DRESS?

YES, YES you'd reply - but really thou art
More known for your LOVE and your extra big HEART.

Thanks Dr. Seuss for your rhymes through the years.
Helping our sons learn to read and now our grandkids and their peers.

I congratulate and honor you DR. SEUSS
you REALLY knew how to PUT WORDS TO USE

Grammy Jan Jan/ Grammy Dumbo

KUrlie said...

Ready? Okay.
I just have to say
that on this gray day
(now please don't poo poo)
I'd be Miss Cindy-Lou Who.

KUrlie said...


anjie said...

Oh, Karen, I see it,
You certainly would be it.
Or should I say "her,"
Just like my daugh-ter.

And Miss Janny Janny Jan,
You certainly can can
Rhyme like a Muse -
I mean, "to PUT WORDS TO USE!"

You've just upped a notch -
Now let's hear from your Scotch.
(That'd be Mike, lest you think
I'm suggesting you drink.)

Anonymous said...

Congrats I say
Cause play can pay
On a boat or in a house
Of course not
a little mouse!

Writing words that say what say
Every day

Dogs n frogs
n swords of light
Tending and loving
the growing Whos
That sobble and grobble
And giggle things right

And knowing whos where

The mamma who writes
and unfolds
the splendid Mrs Angie Reynolds!

~Uncle G

Shanana said...

I would be the Vug under the rug or the Noothgrush on my toothbrush, depending on how outgoing I was feeling. Vugs are a little anti-social. :-)

(There's a Wocket In My Pocket)

P.S. I don't have the rhyming talent that the rest of you super-talented commenter people have.

Jennifer Margulis said...

Oh gawd, I can't do couplets. But I had to mention that this post is hilarious and the photos are precious.

See you soon. Have you finished "Serena"? I'm back to "Our Mutual Friend" and also reading "Twilight."

anjie said...

Uncle G, that was swell.
You're a poet, I can tell.

And Jennifer and Shana
I appreciate you'd wanna

leave a message with a thought
even if rhyme you would not.

So thanks all for playing
From me, I'm just saying

That Teussday was Seussday
But it also was Yousday.

Anonymous said...

O, you all are just so clever.
Me, I have never, never
Been much good at rhyme,
But I'll have to try just one more time!

Anjie was my little girl dear,
Who used to beg and beg to hear
Dr Suess's crazy thoughts.
(Reading him put my tongue in knots!)

But, always, always would I oblige;
I loved to have her at my side.
Learning to love and touch the books,
With me hoping she'd get hooked
On reading, reading reading
(Ha, my plan's succeeding.)

Now, Dane and Aubrey have joined the fun;
They can't wait to read the next one!

So, I finally got this rhyme done.
Hey...that was relly fun!