Sunday, March 07, 2010


(as told to Anjie)

The Science Fair was very fun. My science fair project was "Why is it colder at Mt. Ashland than it is down here, when it's closer to the sun?" My brother's was "What makes a catapult work?" They were both very interesting. I thought mine was harder than Dane's because I had to figure out my answer with things that I couldn't make or do. I figured it out with my mom and dad's help.

Here's what I learned (wait, let me go get my board):

A mountain might seem big on earth, but it is a small part of the earth. The earth is very very very very far from the sun.

I also learned about pressure:
The earth is a big mass and its gravity sucks the air to the earth.
The air closest to the earth is thick and higher pressure which makes it warm.
The air further from the earth is thin and the pressure is low, which makes it cold!

Here's a picture of a judge asking me to explain my project. I got a green pretty ribbon. It says PARTICIPANT: SCIENCE FAIR .


KUrlie said...

Great job Aubrey!!! You made such a nice looking display board and it sounds like you really learned some new and interesting things. I'm proud of you! Oh, and your green sweater is so pretty:)

Love you bunches!


Jennie Englund said...

Way to go, Aubrey! Your project is super informative. I especially love the way you made the sun's rays.

Your green ribbon matches your sweater!

Anonymous said...

We can't get the grins off our faces. We started grinning when we started reading this post and now it's hard to wipe them off. Way to go Aubrey!!!

GrandDad and Grammy

Anonymous said...

Great research, you little scholar! I absolutely did not know those facts. Thank you for teaching get to feel first-hand the difference every weekend when yu go skiing. Is that how you originally thought of the question?
Love, Mema