Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Taught at ScienceWorks again today, but had to go without one of my kids. That's right, Dane is sick. Turns out he's got Strep Throat.

Mick took him to the doctor on his lunch break, we both kept tabs on him via the phone, and he watched movies with Sharkles the Dog for a few hours. Not your ideal setup, but thank goodness I'm just a part-time worker and generally a full-time mom.

Tomorrow's camp lesson plan got switched to World Record Field Day instead of Bizarre Human Feats, because the weather's supposed to turn on Thursday (of course!) -- so we'll be trying to break records for hula hooping, jump roping, playing tag (no, I haven't found a record on that one yet, but with 13 boys in the class, I'm aiming to set one) and the Mentos and Diet Coke soda fountain.

I'm tired - and I've gotta squeeze in a midnight antibiotic dosage -- so good night. But, bless his heart, Mick's making the run to Albertson's as I type this to pick up my fountain supplies. I love that guy.


KUrlie said...

Hang in there Anj! I hope you sleep well post meds time:)


Jennie Englund said...

Hope Dane is feeling better. There should be a rule against sickness during spring break.


I'm totally impressed with your flexibility -- and your appreciation of your awesome guy!

Anonymous said...

Anjie & Mick,
My heart goes out to both of you as you are caring for Dane (& Aubrey- pray the strep skips over her).
May you all make it with good spirits through these tough days.
Seems the Reynolds' clan is all bombarded with ills of different sorts. Bummer 'vacation time'.
Hang in there you all. Keep well, Anj & Mick.
Grammy Jan Jan/ Dumbo
Am impressed, Anjie, about the success of your days @ S W. May each day prove better than the previous day. Enjoy your experience with these young ones. They are blessed to have you as their enthusiastic guide/teacher.