Wednesday, March 24, 2010


But it's fun.

Field Day was perfect - for energetic boys, and as a break from a jam-packed museum on Spring Break. Tag was great, as were hula hoop, jump rope and head stand record attempts. Wore the kids out a little. They LOVED the Mentos and Soda group fountain record experiment. (Of course, anything with sugar or caffeine makes camp about the awesomest experience ever.)

Tomorrow is Bizarre Human Feat Day. It's been fun to define FEAT vs. FEET for them.

We'll cover stuff like the World's Most Tattooed Body, World's Hairiest Family, Furthest Popping Eyeballs, Longest Ear Hair, and, yes, possibly, Loudest Burp. (If I dare. Parents might boycott my classes after this, so I have to figure out if I'm prepared to go down in the name of Science!)

With scientific explanations for all of them, of course, if there's one to be had.

For one of our projects, I think I'll have students make clay representations of this:

Or this:

Should be spectacular.


anjie said...

I'm bailing on the burp. But sticking with the clay.

There's also a neat temporary China exhibit, so I've decided to incorporate some Chinese records (regarding kimonos, terra cotta figures, the Great Wall) so we can have some focused museum time.

Dane'll be back with us, too. Yay!

Jennie Englund said...

Okay, I thought that was a picture of maybe the world's most limber man... until I read the part about the hairy family.

Uh, maybe I need to take your class?

Anonymous said...

Good decision on eliminating the burp. Waiting to see some pics of clay creations.
You're really making the most of it for your younguns, Anjie. Keep on keeping on. One more day to go.
Welcome back to the S.W. experience, Dane.
JJJ,Grammy Jan Jan

anjie said...

Please note: In the middle of my "China" lesson, I realized kimonos are Japanese! Oops! Fortunately, I told my kids about my mistake, so they didn't go home and share any misinformation!

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe those are real people. The tongue looks like a beef tongue...Yikes! Spookie eyes, too.
Agreed on the burp, however fascinating it might have been. Clay sounds real neat. Please post some pictures of the clay works.

Anonymous said...

As spookie as those eyes look, I got to wondering if the condition was caused by the eye disease I have, diagnosed at age 16. Contacts and eventually cornea transplants corrected, but without them, those could have been my eyes, I'm thinking...or no eyes at all, since the contition eventually can cause loss of eyes.
Did the picture have a condition?
Wonderful lessons, Anj

anjie said...

Naw,Mom. She got smacked in the back of the head once with a hockey mask and her eyes popped out. Since then, they pop out when she yawns, or when she tries to do it. (She looks like you and me usually.) Stretched ligaments and a pre-condition to a bugeye look can contribute to the ability to do what she does.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to avoid hockey masks.

ps your posts are so entertaining!