Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Historical Figure / Puppet Project

Check out what these amazing kids did. Students from the two classes of 3rd graders chose a famous person to write and present a report on. Students were instructed to also make a puppet -- but they were given free rein as to how to design or create their puppet.

Look at the stuff they came up with! Click on the different photos to see the puppets, and possibly the reports, better.

We've got the likes of George Washington, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rosa Parks (made by my niece Indi!), Neil Armstrong, John Muir, Pocahontas, Amelia Erhart, The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, MLK Jr...

Recognize George Washington there, created by Super Dane? For his presentation, he gave a basic timeline of the General's life, then he specifically spoke about Washington's risky plan to cross the Delaware with 2000 downtrodden soldiers on Christmas night, in order to surprise the Hessian soldiers -- making the first American attack yet in the war, the first American win, and the additional amazing outcome of no American injuries or deaths. It was a major turning point in the fight for independence.

Dane, of course, said it in his own brilliant words.

I was preparing for Aubrey's after-school get-together for Part 1 of her birthday partying, so I missed the event (after staying home all day with her and her 24-hour flu bug the day before). He said it went well, though -- he said he took time to read his notes before he spoke, and thinks he could have done better with eye contact, but did a solid job.


KUrlie said...

Congratulations Dane! Your GW looks great on the wall with all the other puppets. (And because of that HUGE HEAD, he's a real stand out!) I am very glad your presentation went well. You are a good student!

Love ya bunches,

Anonymous said...

Dane, Indi and classmates,

What a rich project your classes produced. Each character was so unique and extremely creative.

Be proud of the time and effort you put in to create General/President George and Rosa in her bus.

Rosa was a very brave woman. She knew what she was doing and what the consequences would be.

GrandDad is reading a very large book about Washington's crossing. Dane, you and GrandDad should have a great conversation about it someday.

The way each of you presented your characters was very clever.

Thanks for sharing this class project, Anjie.
JJJ/Grammy Jan Jan/ Grammy Dumbo & GrandDad

Anonymous said...

Dear Grammy and Grandad,
I really think we should get together and talk about George Washington too.

Love, Dane

Dear Karen,
I'm glad you like his head, and I'm glad you think it's big because I tried to make it big.

Love, Dane

Anonymous said...

I was so amazed when I looked at all the puppets in the display. All of you did wonderful work. I wish my eyes could see your posters to see what they had to say.
WAY TO GO, you wonderful students!

Love, Mema