Tuesday, February 02, 2010


After a week of pasting, drying, sculpting, more pasting, painting, designing, cutting, sewing, and hot gluing, Dane has finished his George Washington puppet.

His presentation is on Friday, and last night he said he plans to hold his puppet in his hand and say something like this:

Hi, I'm George Washington. I was the General during the Revolutionary War. I was also the first President of the United States.

Then Dane plans to tell the story of the Crossing of the Delaware, when the soldiers crossed the cold and icy Delaware in the middle of the night on Christmas to surprise the Hessians and win an important victory for the revolutionaries.

But Dane has to iron out the details of that one and get them in good order so he can tell a great story.

We'll work on that tonight. After the General's nose has been properly cleaned.


Anonymous said...

What a great-looking puppet!!
I am so happy you are determined to succeed, as well as being creative. It's fun to see what you come up with each time you have a project due.
George Washington is SO important to our nation's history, as you have learned so well!
I will be waiting to have a report on your presentation.
Umm, what was the matter with his nose?
Keep up the good work.
Love, Mema

KUrlie said...

Wow Dane, that puppet has a head just like your dad's. HUGE!!!

You've done a great job and I think your presentation is going to go very well. Good luck!


anjie said...

Isn't it funny? We thought it'd be hilarious if the puppet had a huge head and a little body. And then Dane decided to skip the arms on the body. Totally fun.

Anonymous said...

hi I am Jarry

I like the puppet.


Michael said...

Boy! Do I wish I could be sitting quietly like a fly on the wall in your classroom when you give your report on George Washington. You've learned so much about him and the great things he did, I'd probably learn something myself. That is, if a fly on the wall can learn anything about the American Revolution. Next time we visit, I hope you'll give us your report, with the help of General of course. What a head!

Anonymous said...

Like GrandDad, I too would have loved to be at your presentation today. I hope your Mom got to see (and possibly videotape) and hear George Washington (and you) tell about his experience crossing the Delaware and surprising those experienced Hessians at Trenton. A brilliant strategy Washington proposed and accomplished with his war/worn soldiers. What a feat.
Please keep George and I look forward to his speech he'll give to GrandDad and myself when we visit, probably in March. I'd like to be with my family when I reach 70 years of age. WOW!
Grammy Jan Jan
You, too, have just accomplished a feat of a different sort than G.W. You took the challenge and created an incredible puppet and taught it to speak about his valuable risk taken - it's success turned the Revolutionary War around. That was a big part of why we now freely live in the UNITED States of AMERICA. Thanks, General Washington and Thanks, Dane for sharing his life with your classmates.