Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dane and Aubrey are downhill speedsters! They've raced in two Cups this season, The Shakespeare Cup and the Keiser Cup, which take place up on Mt. Ashland.

In the Shakespeare Cup, Dane came in 12th out of 13 for his age group with a time of 1:01 and 1:00. His two times last year averaged to something like 1:45. Out of that, he made a personal goal of getting down that slope in under a minute -- "in the seconds," is what he called it.

Well, this year, while his Shakespeare Cup times were still not "in the seconds" for his 12th place finish, when he skied The Keiser Cup later in the season he made his goal! His first time down was 1:01 and he knew he had to shave 4 seconds off his second run to average under a minute. He raced his second run in 57 seconds!!! This earned him 8th out of 13!

Aubrey's Shakespeare Cup times were 2:16 and 1:21 for 7th out of 8 in her age group. Her Keiser Cup times were high, too, both at about 1:30 and earning her 13th out of 13, so she wasn't super excited about the results. However, with slow times like that, you have the chance to wave at your parents on your way down the course. (Mick and I were bowing our heads, trying not to encourage it -- of course, we couldn't quit laughing.)

The Sloan Cup is coming up in March. If the kids race then, I'll get video footage, so you can see how faaasssst they are...

Click here for Keiser Cup race results, and here for Shakespeare Cup results, so you can get an idea of how fast some of these kids can fly.


Anonymous said...

hi bob I like your post

from Dane

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Jimmy, I like your posts


P.S from:Aubrey:)

Jennie Englund said...

WOW! Dane and "Jimmy" are having a great time in the snow. And Aubrey has a good idea about wearing her head gear while making gingerbread. You never know when one of those candy corns might fly up and pop you in the eye!

Michael said...

We're hoping to be at the race in March to cheer on the Reynolds Racers.

GrandDad and Grammy

anjie said...

I have to edit this post -- Aubrey actually raced in both races this year, too! I forgot about her first one, which was the Shakespeare Cup. And she even had better times for that one! How did I forget THAT???

anjie said...

Ok, I updated it with more accurate information - and links to the race results of both Cups.

Anonymous said...

GO SPEEDSTERS! Good job of really going for it.
Can't wait to see the video to see you faaasssst.
Love, Papa and Mema