Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Aubs invited her favorite gals, her cousins and two girls from class, to walk home with us and play after school on her birthday. She specifically chose a small group because last year she invited all the girls in her class and felt pulled in too many directions.

Indi and Aubrey. Aubs is wearing the dress her Grammy sent her the night before.

The gang, above, at the bleachers (with neighbor Kimmi walking part-way home with us). And below, wearing cloth napkins for do-rags and using the living room as a gym.

Of course, Aubrey wanted to do a craft.

And decorations.

Ice cream and frozen berries for "cake."

Sharly's a gal pal, too.

Aubs and Dane decorated the cakes for Sunday's bowling party.

Nora's Spanish tutor dropped her off on Sunday and took some of the gang for a spin through the neighborhood.

Birthday dog.

Bowling with buddies.

The End.


Natalie N said...

What a grown up girl! I love the picture of her and Dane by the cupcakes. After seeing that picture I realized that Aubrey really has grown up! Love her cute earrings and beautiful smile. What a fun-filled birthday celebration(s)! :)

Anonymous said...

How much fun, Aubrey, can a person have?
You look terrific is your black dress - I just knew it had your name on it when I saw it.
Anjie, who'd have thought your cloth napkins were so versatile? Great do-rag photos.
We'll be in Ashland the eve of the 10th - kind of think we'll stay the first few days with Kai+ - but that's not firm yet. Lots depends on health conditions with both families.
Looking forward to time with your dear families.
Grammy Jan Jan

Anonymous said...

What a fun walk home and the parties must have been "a blast". Darling bags! I see that Dane's up to his old "rabbit ears" tricks, and does he ever look like a rascal. What a treat to get to ride in the trailer together...I hear you got to tour the neighborhood.
Aubsie still has those green, those have lasted a long time...I seem to remember that she wore them to another birthday party.
Everyone looks "pooped" in that last picture. Ready for a nap after all the excitement?
Love you, Miss eight-year-old.