Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Love Letter

Thanks to all of you who read my essay, "The Making of a Dentist: A Story of Love and Teeth." I got so much surprising and kind feedback in emails and on Facebook that it kind of made me float around Ashland all week.

All that feedback is especially great to recall today, because... I TOTALLY LOST THE CONTEST!

I found out this morning that Jak Wonderly indeed won. Deservedly so. The other three runners-up, though (see? three! I TOTALLY lost!), well, I'll just say they ran up. (Read: Anjie is a sore loser.)

But this is the year of submitting, being excited about acceptances, and being fully capable of receiving rejections. I assure you, I will continue to collect rejections like love letters. See? Kiss kiss hug hug.

For the record, other love letters this year have come from Skirt, Mothering, and Brain, Child. But I was also a finalist in a contest and had an essay published in The Christian Science Monitor. So I'll keep reminding myself there's a little love in acceptances, too.


Jennie Englund said...

Those rejections are really receipts--that you've written, that you've put it out there.

My dad called last night. He's waiting for the sequel to "Teeth."

He particularly loved the look on Mick's face in the picture.

Anonymous said...

You found out MANY PEOPLE loved your writing. That's not a loss.
Steve King, who was at CHS with Mick and now UPPC's cook, mentioned he'd read your "Dentist Guy" on Mick's facebook and it brought tears. Said he'd head home and give you a thumbs up.
It's admirable to me that you're reaching out with your writings for others to enjoy. Go, girl, go!!!