Wednesday, September 12, 2007


That's their motto, not mine, but I think it works.

I've been doing some contract work for Zooni since June; here's my official (and honest) review, posted on several websites:


With names like Puppy Love, Leo the Lion, Firecracker and Kate's Moss, it's obvious that, a company created by a sister team in San Francisco, is having fun with their hats.

But it doesn't just go as far as the names, they've hit the other biggies, too. They get points for their eco-friendly, kid-friendly, handmade materials, and for donating a portion of profits to national and international children's charities.

Okay, that's all terrific, but, of course, the real question is: How do the kids like them?

Well, let's just say that when my girlfriend mailed my 5-year-old daughter the Panda Monium hat, my daughter squealed. She squealed and begged to put it on and ran to the mirror. She loved the super-soft yarn that gives the hat a fuzzy feel, but mostly she loved that she could see the panda ears as if they were her own and that there was a cute little panda face on the back of her head. It was a huge hit.

That was last month. Since then, she's worn it to the beach on a few windy evenings, and, come winter, I know she'll be wearing it often. (And I'm glad -- it makes everybody smile to look at it.)

This hat looks adorable on a 5-year-old, but I'll admit I also can't wait to give one as a shower gift for a baby or as a birthday gift for a toddler. At $30- $40, these hats make a unique statement, especially if you know a kid (or parent!) who's really hip or spirited -- and picking out the perfect style could be half the fun.

(If you've read this far and you like the product, go to www. with this coupon code, LUVZOONI, for a 15% discount.)


Anonymous said...

Well...I'm going for one for sure. It is darling. Do yuo have a picture of Aubrey in hers? Panda Monium...that's cute.
Little Nicole in my office is expecting a baby before winter. Wouldn't that be fun to give!
By the way, what are you being contracted to do for "ZOONI?

anjie said...

Mom, they're a great gift. Be sure to get one with an animal face since they're SO cute. And, actually, if it's a girl, the flower power hat's adorable too. As my review says, they're super soft and high quality. Perfect for PNW babies to wear all fall/winter/spring... summer. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I've got to get one for ????? Could you have another kid please? S/he would just LOVE a ZOONI. Know someone will receive one - who and when???
What fun I had checking the ZOONI website and particularly your review. And then I could search deeper and find out about the reviewer. And then I had the privilege of communicating with the reviewer. BUT that's where I hit a snag and never could make that happen. Do you know how to help me there? It seemed like such an incredible honor to actually be able to chat with a real, live author AND someone I love and know. WOW!

anjie said...

Wow, Jan! I didn't know my divine caroline review was a link on zooni's website. That's cool.

I'm thinking we should put our pennies together and buy Weston the little Puppy Love hat. What do you think?

As far as divine caroline's website goes with comments on reviews, I don't know what to tell you. Try again?


Anonymous said...

As I re-read your review I thought of Weston & Jude. Dana plans to celebrate Weston's b-day at White Pass (hope that works out) so would love to go in with you on the Puppylove hat. Great idea.
I'll try again. If you go on the site and it works for you (to comment on your own review and ask yourself questions ?????) let me know how that happened.