Friday, September 07, 2007


This post's format is a mystery to me, but that happens on the Mac. No sweat. You can figure this out. Here are the clever headings that should accompany these photos: Hangman - Star Wars/Marin style, Snacks with the turtles, Kayaking with Uncle Kai, and Kayaking with Dad.

By the way, I took the kayak out on Wednesday while everyone was in school. (I start school/teaching next week.)

What was there: silence, stillness, diving pelicans, a seal, a breeze drying my lips and standing my arm hairs up, a boat called Great White.

What was left of 'there' when I got home: salt streaks on my legs, sand on the floor, and the memory of the kayak spin-out, where you quit paddling and your kayak turns itself half-way around with a soft whoosh -- that slower, but just as satisfying, version of a teenage tire skid.


Anonymous said...

Hangman has never had it so good!

It's terrific that you're making use of the kayak - clever thinking to get it to CA via your rental. That's neat you got out 'on your own' Anjie.

Is there some method that exists so you know if you've received blog comments - like a beeping or blinking? Or do you have to check each time you're on the blog site? Reason I ask is I left a 5th comment on recommendations for kid's books. Don't know if you know that. And occasionally I'll respond with a comment way, way, way beyond the day you posted it. Wonder if you know they're there.

Love to you all,
JJJ, Mom & Grammy

Cyrus and Annie said...