Sunday, September 09, 2007


Aubrey stood next to the teacher's aid all of recess. When Miss Lisa told Aubrey she should run out and play with the other kids, Aubrey said, "No thanks. I want to be first in line when you blow the whistle."

Update: Aubrey plays with the other kids at recess now (especially Giovanna), but she still manages to be in line right after the whistle blows.

The other day, she lost sight of Miss Lisa and got scared and started sobbing, even though there were plenty of other kids on the playground, including Giovanna. We're talking through that.


Anonymous said...

Ah, bless you little heart, Aubrey.

Wow! What a beautiful marina shot! did you take it?

anjie said...

Yeah, I took that in December the year Kai and Dana came down to visit. Mick helped me crop it and put it in the header.

Anonymous said...

Chloe is having some tears this year @ Kindergarten too. 8( !!!

Hey, Anj, love the new header on your page.

BTW, I go for my abdominal sono tomorrow @ 8am ~ so be praying for me there missy!!!

luv ya, K