Thursday, September 20, 2007

ANOTHER Finals Week for Mick

Mick's taking his last two finals today. This means he's completed Summer quarter of his third year, leaving only Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters before his June '08 graduation.

He's still feverishly scheduling patients, working to perform all the test cases he needs to complete in order to graduate.

During his week off, we plan to wakeboard one day, possibly up at Lake Shasta, and maybe hit Monterrey and the Aquarium with the kids. I'm guessing Mick's plans probably just extend this far: go on lots of bike rides and take lots of naps. (Not necessarily in that order.)


Anonymous said...

HAPPY WAKEBOARDING BIRTHDAY! Have you been on a board while in CA?

Could I help you out patient-wise? Dad & I arrive on Tues., Oct. 16. Maybe schedule me in early in my visit, like Wed. or Thur., Oct. 17 or 18. Then possibly have time for a second or third scheduling. What kind of procedures do you need to complete? Maybe I'll fill the bill. I do know 3 weeks might be too tight a time schedule. I leave for home on Wed., Nov 7. Just a thought. Would really enjoy having another son be challenged with
my teeth. I could even have my teeth cleaned and x-rays taken to bring with. ?? Another idea. I'd have to schedule an app't. ASAP. I need that done anyway. Looking forward to your input. Thanks

3 quarters to go - YAHOO! You're an inspiration to many. Could tell you of some conversations I've had about you and how it's opened some folks' eyes to realize they weren 't locked in to a job they didn't like, or career choices they're training for and don't really think they should change their education plans - like they're getting too old, etc.
Indeed you are an inspiration. I'm proud of your gumption and drive. GO! MICK! GO!

Shelby said...

Go Mickey... in the home stretch now!!