Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here's a slalom board my buddy Justin made for me. Somehow in the midst of all our action at school and studying at home, he finds time to make some amazing boards. Hint... no kids.

He hand laminated the 9-ply deck, then fiberglassed both the top and bottom, then painted the red/orange bottom with the bird, then finally sanded and added 3 more coats of epoxy resin. He's doing for fun what I used to do in college to earn my degree in plastics engineering... I added the grip tape (check out my homage to his artwork that I cut into the grip tape) and the rest of the parts.

Anj posted a video awhile back of me riding. We found a hill in SF that is fairly newly paved and is residential enough that we can run stop signs without fear of traffic. Of course, we look for traffic, there's just not that much of it. It's about 24 blocks worth of fun, with a view of the Pacific the whole way, then we catch a Muni bus at the bottom and get a ride back up. It's like skiing without the cold...


Anonymous said...

What a friend!!!! Nice work Justin.
Mick, do you ride the SF hill with him? Is that one of the hills we've driven on that you saw bikers racing up and down? That seems a tad steep, right?
Nice work, too, Mick on your putting the eagle in your friction tape - know it goes by another name but.....chuckle, chuckle. Looks good.
Fun to get a blog from you, Mick. Hard to fit it in - what with kids.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the one we saw the bikers riding up was Fillmore. WAY too steep! This is just a nice mellow hill that you could get up some real speed on if you just pointed it downhill, but we kind of do big sweeping GS turns down it to control our speed. I'll see Justin today and pass on your kind words.


michelle said...

Hey Anj. Next time we are up in your neck of the woods you sre going to have to teach me how to ride that thing down some wicked hills!



anjie said...

Right on, CC (Cameron!) -- maybe we'll even take some gnarly falls and jimmy our backs or something. :) -anj