Thursday, December 02, 2010

Of Motor Bikes and Van Rides

A couple weekends ago, Mick needed to drive to Washington to pick up the motorcycle of his dreams. It was Dane's dream to drive up with him. When I figured out it would work to send Dane along, I called Dane's school and sent a message to him in class that we'd pick him up early.

When I picked him up, I asked him how he felt when he got the message in class. He pumped his arms and yelled, "Awesome!" When I asked him why it felt so great, he answered as if it should be obvious: "Because I get to go on a trip with Dad!"

As I drove him to meet Mick at the dental office, I told Dane I'd packed him some books and some books on CD in case he needed some entertainment. It was my turn to think "Awesome!" though, when he turned to me and said, "We might not need those. Me and Dad might just chat the whole time."

Yes, he said chat.

And they did. He didn't crack a book or pop in a cd the whole drive.


Anonymous said...

What a pair.
JJJ/Mom/Grammy Jan Jan

Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL father/son time. Guy stuff, for sure!

The picture says it all; it totally shows that Dane is crazy about his his dad! You're an awesome kid, Dane.

Mick you ARE a wonderful father; it's ONE of the reasons I love you.

Kind of an awesome husband, too, I hear!

Mema/Big Share

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mick is sewing again? Love it!!!

Dori said...

I'm not sure what is coolest about this story?

That Mick got the motorcycle of his dreams.
That you packed books and books on CD!
Or that Dane said they "might" chat the whole time and that they actually did.

I think it's the last one. :)

anjie said...

Mom - yeah, Mick was showing Dane how to sew a button on George Washington's coat last year.

Dori - thanks for commenting! ;)


Anonymous said...

Another reason I love your husband. He has such divrsified interests!
PS. I want a ride on that dirt bike!!
Big Share