Friday, December 31, 2010

Post #701: Home Sweet Sharkles

After an amazing two-week trip (post and pictures to come shortly) we made it home at 3 AM Wednesday. We were supposed to be in at midnight, but considering all the east coast craziness with blizzards and flight cancellations, we felt fortunate to have had no bumps and only a few delays out of Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Still, 3 AM is tough when you have to roust yourself out of bed three hours later -- TO GO TO WORK! Yes, Mick was my hero that day, because not only did he manage to function in spite of time changes and travel, but he got to work that morning and had 13 emergency cases to handle. (Apparently everyone had been waiting for that dentist office to open up!) I think 6-8 emergency cases from 8 AM to 9 is his usual bigger load. Then, after 13 of those cases, his regular appointments ALL started showing up at 9 (also a rarity.)

So, he wins the big toughie travel and work award.

I, on the other hand, slept a few hours later than that and then emptied suitcase after suitcase and did laundry load after laundry load. There are still huge piles of trinkets and papers and randomness on our bar counter. Putting that stuff away turns out to be the real pain.

The kids and Colleen of DogGoneFun  with Sharly when we first got her.
In addition to unpacking and doing laundry, I picked up a few groceries and... SHARKLES!

Sharly got to come home from R&R Pet Resort where she'd spent the past 14 days. We were all so excited, wagging our tails, fetching squeaky bones, scratching our ears. :) It's been great.

What was your favorite (or most exhausting!) part of the holidays this year?


Anonymous said...

I had been a bit worried about you all being able to get off the east coast.
Well, sounds like both you and award winner, Mick, had your work cut out for you! MICK, YOU TRULY DESERVE THAT AWARD! Anj, unpacking and doing load after load of laundry is no picnic! You deserve kudos, too!!
The picture is so sweet; Dane and Aubrey, you are looking really shy with Sharkles in it. Were you shy after TWO weeks apart?
Favorite part of Christmas: Christmas Eve service and then a lovely Christmas dinner with my mother and Mick's mother. Poppa's folks got chauffered to Portland (grandson and wife came up from Salem to get them) to spend five days with Den and Sue and their children and grandchildren. It was so lovely for them to be able to go.
On the home front, Jan came out with her apples and cranberries; she and I made apple sauce and cranberry sauce together, her specialties for holiday meals. It was fun to visit and cook. We were so glad she joined us. After dinner Mom, Jan and I played a wicked game of triple solitaire. (I'm afraid Jan and I didn't give Mom a chance...we were just TOO competetive!) We decided next time we would have to TRY to slow down and give her a chance to make plays. Nonetheless, Mom did enjoy it too.
Jan, thank you so much for adding such fun to our day.
Love and Happy New Year,
Mema and Poppa.
PS we missed you all so much, but were so happy you could have such a wonderful adventure!

Anonymous said...

Wow! #701. You are too awewome, Anj.

Anonymous said...

oops...that is supposed to be aweSome

anjie said...

Hey Mom, I'm glad you had a fun Christmas - even if it had to be without us! ;)

That picture is of Dane and Aubs the first month we had Sharly. They were trying to learn what the dog trainer had to teach them!