Saturday, December 18, 2010

East Coast/Bahamas Update 1: Medford, OR -> Philly, PA -> Newark, DE

These posts are for everybody, but especially for Grammy/Mom/Janny Jan Jan, who was supposed to come on this trip but had to back out on her doctors' orders. We really really miss you, Jan -- particularly when we see things like a huge crocheted coral reef exhibit at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, and when GrandDad falls flat on his face in the snow during a snowball fight on a lawn in Washington, D.C. (don't worry! he didn't get hurt!) -- but we trust you're healing the way you're supposed to. We love you.

So, to Jan and everybody else: we started in Medford at 5PM on Tuesday, flew all night with two layovers, and did Philadelphia when we landed.

In Philadelphia, we saw the Liberty Bell, visited Constitution Hall, witnessed the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new slave quarter site outside where the Bell is kept, and ate Philly Cheese Steaks.

In spite of all that fun and joy (and, really, it was), when I asked the kids what their favorite part of our travels had been at that point (Day 1) they said, "It's going to be going to Mimi's and seeing her." Seriously!

So, here you have it: the best part of the trip so far, according to Dane and Aubrey:

"Zilch" with Mimi.

Waiting at the Medford Airport.

Dane and Aubrey's entertainment on a layover in Portland.

Yeah, probably not very safe. Shhhh...

I'd like to mention that Dane was challenged to a race with an older gentleman that evening: Dane had to run against the current on the walkway and the older guy got to run on the parallel walkway with the current. They took off like bullets -- people were watching and howling, laughing -- and, get this: Dane won!

Third leg of the flight. Going on two hours of sleep (even though we flew through the night).

Learning the history of the pen in Penn. This fella's sign at Constitution Hall read "Questions Cheerfully Answered." He was good.

Former slave quarters recently dug up; the new exhibit honors African Americans and their slave ancestry.

Waiting in the chilly cold to see the Liberty Bell.

Countries of origin for slaves - part of the new exhibit.

Liberty Bell!

Supposedly the best Philly Cheese Steaks in Philly-town. We thought they were pretty good (but the kids liked the Cheesy Fries best!).

Finally. Mimi's. Aubs got out of the car and ran to her.

Tired Dane. Mimi's showing him into the house

Nap and a card game. Bliss.

If you've read this far, you must be family. Mom and Don, we'll miss YOU this holiday season, too. xoxoxo

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KUrlie said...

Oh, I just miss you guys lots. I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful time so far. I hope the cruise is going well too!