Saturday, December 18, 2010

East Coast/Bahamas Update 2: DC and the Smithsonian!

We left Mimi's around 10 AM on Thursday after a full night's sleep and headed to DC. It was snowy and slow -- there were lots of accidents in front of us -- but our little FORD Edge powered through it. Oh, and it probably had something to do with Mick's expert driving, too.
Aubrey and Dane wrote stories in the car.

After we checked in at The Hotel Harrington, just blocks away from the White House, we met up with Mick's dad, Mike, at The Hard Rock Cafe. We ate a quick bite and headed out.  

The Manager made a big show of going into another room and grabbing a guitar for me, so I had to make a bit of a show of it.
 The kids took the camera around while we waited for our food.

Michael Jackson's famous jacket.

"A Michael Jackson Barbie!" -Dane

You'd think she hadn't just begged me to take her picture. A little Courtney Love coming from her?

Finally out and about in the chilly weather. (But it was fun! Sometime in here, GrandDad even did a face plant during a snowball fight. But I've already mentioned that on another post, haven't I?)

At the National Museum of Natural History at last!

Sea spiders. A photo taken just to scare Grammy.

A CROCHETED coral reef. Wow.

Dane and Aubrey thought it looked like a huge undertaking. You can read about it in last month's issue of The Smithsonian Magazine.

An Early Man exhibit was fully engaging. After we took the Early Man morph photos (photos to follow) Dane and Aubrey answered questions about what it means to be human. Dane's answer is that "In my back yard I play every day . I love to play."

Aubrey's answer is that to be human is to be able to draw.

The kids with Rexy!

GrandDad and kids and Rexy.

Air and Space Museum: at Amelia Earhart's plane. This just broke on the news TODAY (Dec 18): Three bones were found on a deserted South Pacific Island where Earhart's plane went down, and scientists are hoping the DNA matches hers so an old mystery can be solved.

The Air and Space Museum was the kids' favorite place.

Back at the Natural History Museum: Early Human Anj.

Early Human Aubs.

Early human Dane.

Early Human GrandDad.

And Early Human Mick.

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Anonymous said...

What a fascinating time at the Smithsonian.
I REALLY like the early will have to tell me about them!
PS I just discovered your posts today. I didn't know you were going to blog while gone. I am loving seeing it all!