Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just In Case You Think Halloween Didn't Happen

Kai and Dana threw a humongous Halloween party this year, complete with hay bails and marshmallow-roasting, a haunted house downstairs, and a multi-category costume contest. Above: Miss Piggy and her posse. (Dane the Clown lost his squeaky red nose in some forgotten corner that night.)

 Aubs the Funky Cowgirl, came up with her costume herself.

 Miss Piggy and her lovely sister the Geisha.

Everybody brought a spooky snack. We brought our skeleton cupcakes. One savvy person made a watermelon brain.
 Here I am with my 70s Sister, Ava.

 Kate and Mike Jack made their own amazing, awe-inspiring, spectacular costumes: hindu gods. They won Best Costume and Best Couple, I think. Deservedly so.
Although this duo ran a close second, giving the hindu gods a run for their money. Scott and Christy (one of my writing pals) also made their own amazing, awe-inspiring, spectacular costumes -- and they get extra points for staying in full character all night long.
 And here's SuperJulie (writing pal) and SuperMiles SuperInada.
 Jennie the Pioneer (writing pal) with two of her brood.
 Mick Piggy, as adorable as ever.
 Me and my pioneer pal.
And here's the whole fam again, in case you missed it the first time.

An added note: Mick Piggy won prizes
in three of seven categories this year: 
and, yes, you guessed it,

Be very, very frightened.


Christy Raedeke said...

Alls I can say is Holy Cannoli, I looked extra hot that night. -Snooki

anjie said...

Extra extra hot, Snooki! In fact, Miss Piggy admitted she felt a little threatened by all that hotness...

Jennie Englund said...

Those are great pictures!

Both you all looked extra sexy.

Funny thing was, somehow the next day at the parade, Christy'd turned into a nun???

anjie said...

And Miss Piggy turned into a cowgirl. (I've conveniently neglected those photos.)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Pictures; all the costumes are Amazing! What a fun party.
Mick as "Mick Piggy" is as always, beyond description.
Anj is a beautiful witch as she hersef is.
Dane is a darling clown with all that black it!
And, Aubrey, when did you become such a little "toughie"?? I always think of you as a sweet "yittle" girl!

Big Share, Mom, Mema
OXXXO (even for Mick Piggy)
Anj,: your comments are priceless!

anjie said...

Mom, we called Dane the Clown "Little Sharen" just because of his hair!

Anonymous said...

i with i were there

Anonymous said...

dear who ever wrote this the costumes are radical dude I love them dude


also known as AUBREY

Anonymous said...

Uh,uh,uh..."Little Sharen" and "Lucas". You guys are wo crazy, and I love you!

Anonymous said...

That's too crazy