Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bud, Not Buddy and my buddy

"If I had to give a rating out of a thousand stars for Bud, Not Buddy, I'd give it a thousand. This is the best book I've ever read."

I love my boy. He's sensitive and insightful and says things like that when he's sitting around on the couch -- and he says things like that even after he's read the Percy Jackson series five times.

Here's what the book is about: A ten-year-old African American boy in 1930s Detroit who leaves foster care when he gets sick of being treated poorly. This is the story of his journey to find the man he believes is his real father, a renowned jazz musician, and how Bud deals with rejection, adventure, and his own sense of identity. It won the Newberry Award in 2000 and I love that a book with such big ideas spoke to Dane. I also love that there are writers like Christopher Paul Curtis out there.

Teaching Note: Dane chose this at the school library for his upcoming book report, which is supposed to be Historical Fiction, and he's supposed to create a diorama along with his written portion. He's already decided to depict a scene at a train station.

Blog Question: Would you have given a book a thousand stars when you were a kid? Which book(s)?


KUrlie said...

Yes, thank you, I would have given 2 books 1000 stars. A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats because it is such a sweet little story, and the illustrations were so great. For me, the pictures were key to telling the simple yet touching story. I just read it again the other day and it has lost NONE of it's charm and beauty for me.

And then later, The Outsiders. I've said it here before, but I also felt that was one of the most compelling and complete stories I've ever read, so I read it over and over.

Go Dane, Go!!! I also love that you found a book worthy of 1000 stars!!!


Anonymous said...

Dane, you picked up on Christopher Curtis's exaggeration in Bud, not Buddy's comments, thoughts, memories.

What an interesting read!!!!!! So glad I found the book at our library Saturday and finished it this Monday A.M.

What an ending - I wasn't even close with my predictions, right?

Tears flowed as I enjoyed Bud's connection with his 'Grandfather and the band' and the most beautiful voice ever.

Certainly worthy of 1000 stars!!!!!!!

I nearly wore out my Dumbo book. I could relate well with his large ear lobes, which I'm blessed with, too. As a child I tried to cover my earlobes butI now I like to show off those ear lobes with beautiful earrihgs attached. A 1000 stars - for sure.

I loved Mrs. Piggly Wiggly - or is it Mrs. Piggle Wiggle? Whatever her name is, she had a magical, loving, determined personality which changed peoples' lives - children and parents. I could relate to several of the kids' challenges.

Another set of books in which I loved the art work and story lines but can't remember the artist's name or the titlle of his books, which were many. Seems one was about an Indian boy's carved toy boat that traveled over the waters of the Great Lakes, maybe over Niagra Falls???. Just amazing pictures, maps to follow the boat's travels. I've several of his books at home and would like to share them with you. They are definitely worth 1000,s of stars.


Looking forward to your train station diorama.

Natalie N said...

My goodness... looks like I am going to go check this out at my library tomorrow! Thanks for the recommendation, Dane.

I too love how sweet and sensitive your boy is, Anj. I love that you have instilled a love for literature in your kids just by your example. You're a great mom!