Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It makes me queasy, but I'll post this anyway

My 2010 Writing Goals

Research homes for (and submit):

  • Mustache Revolution
  • Name That Girl
  • Man in Kentucky
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Of Cherry Blossoms…
  • That Bike [check!]
  • Emergency
  • Buddy
  • Married To A Dentist: A Story of Love and Teeth
  • An excerpt from BLUE as a short story (???)
  • Poopy Brucey [can have a goal to re-name that, too]
  • To Cop A Feel
  • Cowboy
  • 9/11 Reflection
  • God’s Thumb
  • Beauty Marked
  • Nursed
  • Ultimate Ungulate Week
  • Loaded
  • Sharly

Apply for:

  • Oregon Arts Commission Grant – “Career Opportunity Grant” – by Feb 11, 2010


  • One piece a month for 2010
  • In Skirt!
  • In CSM
  • In Jefferson Monthly
  • In Ashland Tidings
  • In Ancestry magazine
  • In Oregon Humanities Magazine
  • In Brevity
  • In an anthology
  • A book review

Take/attend/volunteer at:

  • A writing workshop


  • BLUE draft by May 1

Daily Chores:

  • Read at least 2 of these:
    • CSM Home Forum
    • Skirt!
    • Ancestry magazine
    • The Sun
  • Read from a novel
  • Read from at least 1 of these Appalachian or Writing books:
    • Land of the Saddle Bags
    • Appalachian Stereotypes
    • Bloodroot
    • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
    • Between the Lines
    • How to Write a Damn Good Novel
    • Bastards and Bullies

Post progress on blog - along with fabulous things my family does

Collect REJECTIONS like love letters


KUrlie said...

Brava Anj, rockin' list. I'm with you 100%.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Awesome list, but I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

On our next visit I hope you'll let me read your entire list of writings to publish/be heard, etc. Are they online somewhere? Under Momma's writings, etc???
Wow, do I admire the guts you pulled together to create such an amazing set of goals.
Go, girl, go!!!
It's such a thrill to me to be privy to the process a budding writer experiences. I've never been so privileged before. Thanks!
And now I've Dane to add to my list of budding writers.