Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By Aubrey, as told to Anjie

I sent money to Wildlife Safari and to Heifer International for people in need. I bought chickens for people in need. The chickens will help them get money and the eggs will pass to other people that need chickens. The eggs can also feed them.

My grandma and grandpa gave me $12.50 for Christmas to give to people in need. I chose to buy chickens for people, but I didn't choose only people in need. I also chose to help the cheetah in Wildlife Safari.

I gave $10 and my brother Dane gave $10 to chickens and then we each gave $2.50 to Wildlife Safari. My mom and dad each gave $7.50 so we could send Wildlife Safari $20.

The picture up above in the blog - you can probably click on it and it will get big and you can read it - is the card I made for Wildlife Safari. I put a giraffe on it.

$20 will buy a flock of chicks at Heifer International: :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Aubrey & Dane:

I really liked that you chose to help people AND animals with your money. (The card you wrote was neat.)

And, I liked that your made the Wildlife Safari a family project.


KUrlie said...

Dear Reynolds Family -
Nice job guys! Giving money to help animals and people is a great thing to do - and you are learning that sometimes it doesn't take very much to help a lot. I'm proud of you all, and Aubs, your handwriting is beautiful on that fantastic card you made! Love it! Love you all!