Thursday, January 21, 2010


In the spirit of Flat Stanley, we just sent off a postcard to my friend Maya's son, Kai, in Mill Valley, California. His kindergarten class was collecting postcards from around the world (a map lesson) and Kai hadn't gotten a postcard yet. He was sad! So Maya sent out a distress signal via Facebook last night, and Dane and Aubrey and I answered the call.

Here's the postcard we chose this morning:

Here's what the kids wrote:

Dear Kai - The Gingerbread man came through Ashland, OREGON, and marched for PEACE at a MLK Jr. event with our school. Then he skied down Mt. Ashland, watched a play at the Shakespeare Theater, and drank the best hot cocoa ever at The Mix Shop! When he finally went to bed at our house that night, he fell asleep watching Yoda train Luke to use The Force on Dagobah (on DVD). From Aubrey & Dane Reynolds


Will post on Peter Ferry soon...


Carmen said...

Dane and Aubrey - you so totally rock!

Cyrus and Annie said...

Anjie send me his address and I'll send a postcard from Texas... I think I even have a cool NASA one somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kai's are everywhere. Wasn't a Kai in B'ham, too?
That gingerboy was everywhere in Ashland. Bet Kai enjoyed your card.
Way to go, Dane & Aubrey!!! and Anjie, too.
Grammy Jan Jan/Grammy Dumbo

Danigirl said...

I will send a postcard from Tacoma... what's his address? :)

anjie said...

Annie and Dani - I emailed you each the address from my FB account. The students at Park School will get a kick out of getting post cards from TX and WA. :)