Thursday, January 14, 2010

FOLLOW ME! Or At Least Follow My Blog...

I've added a new feature in the right-hand margin of my blog. You can click on "Follow" and add yourself to my list of "followers" by typing in a couple things. What it means for me, of course, is that I get some sense of who reads this; what it means for you is that you can look at your "dashboard" and see when I update, instead of coming here every time you wonder about it.

I think that's what it does. Because you can make a list of all the blogs you read and "follow" them that way. Yeah, that seems to be how it's working for me - because I just started "following" other blogs officially, too.

Well, just give it a try and let me know what you get out of it. Maybe it'll just look like you're part of the Rogue Reynolds Fan Club. C'mon, you know you want that!


Anonymous said...

Mike found the follow me in right hand column.
Now, we wonder, where is this 'dashboard' you speak of?

anjie said...

Hi Jan,

You'd have to make an account before you could look for the dashboard. I don't know how to guide you through it other than what google prompts you to do if you choose to "follow." Maybe you'll just have to follow as your usual anonymous selves. :)


Michael said...

Hmm. It seems to recognize me. My first name is preselected on the "Choose and identity" title below. Lets seed what happens when I publish this and sign off.