Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dane dictates a post about his upcoming book report

My name is Dane. Anjies son. I am doing a reading report for my class. It is about George Washington. I have learned a lot about him. My grandpa is really into the Revolutionary War, so he's going to be a lot of help. For sure.

So far I know George Washington won the Battle of Cowpens and he won the Battle Across the Delaware. Those were pretty important battles. Cowpens was very important. I'm serious about that. I'll tell the story of that.

Okay, well, in the Battle of Cowpens, George Washington's team lined up in three lines. The first line was called The Sharpshooters. The second line was called, well, the ones that didn't have much practice. And the third row was the really experienced troops. General George Washington told the men in the front row to shoot three shots and retreat -- and only shoot when you see the whites of their eyes. And the second row would do the same. And then the third row was hidden behind a little hill, and that's the surprise.

And then the British came marching down, and the first row fired their shots, retreated to the side. Then the second row shot their shots and retreated to the other side. And then the rest of the British soldiers came marching forward and forward, and then the last, the third row, surprised them and got most of them.

And then they kept shooting, and then the two other lines swarmed around them and that was the end of the battle.

The End. By Dane.
See? We just found this. That's the same map from the Battle of Cowpens movie!


Amy M said...

That's awesome Dane! I learned something. Good job and keep writing like your mama and you'll be famous too someday.

KUrlie said...

Dear Dane,
This is a really great report! You told a very good story with a lot of important information. I really liked it.

Nice job, pal:)


anjie said...

Dear Karen,

Dane loved reading your comment. You should know that. He'll probably write you back when he gets home from school.

(Amy, he was pretty proud of yours, too. And, of course, it gave me a good laugh.)


Anonymous said...

What an important story about the American Revolution Dane. I enjoyed reading your story about it. You have really learned what happened at Cowpens. Everything was exactly right except George Washington wasn't there. Instead, it was General Daniel Morgan who was the leader who beat the British there. His plan really worked. His American forces really hurt Banastre Tarlton's British forces. After they lost this battle, things really started to go downhill for the British fighting in America.
I'm looking forward to reading your next story about General Washington crossing the Delaware River.
You've made good choices to tell these stories.
Love, GrandDad

anjie said...

Apparently Dane needs to hire a better fact-checker. Shows you what I know about the Revolution! Thanks for dispensing the information so sweetly, Grandad. I'll be sure Dane checks this out after school today.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the report, Dane!
Because those men were brave and willing to fight, we are blessed with freedom here in the United States; we should never forget those men.
I love it that you are a READER!
Keep it up, and keep writing too. We will be watching for more.
Love, Mema (&) Papa

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've a fantastic memory. There was lots to hear, see and learn from Grandad about the Revolutionary War. I know he'd just love to take you to the site of Cowpens someday. Would you like that?
Grammy Jan Jan/Grammy Dumbo

Angelina said...


Hello. I am not sure if you remember me, but I am Shannon Nagel's little sister, Angie. My sister sent me your link and said that I should contact you. My husband Mark, an English professor, is taking off this next year to write his first novel. She thought that you both might be a resource for each other. Let me know if you are interested. I love catching up with your blog...cute babies. My email is

debra said...

Hey Dane,
What an interesting report. The General came up with a clever strategy. Sounds like your GrandDad will be a great resource for you.

See you soon,