Saturday, January 01, 2011

Let The New Year Begin!

It's sunny, the kids and Mick are up skiing, and I've got my dog at my feet while I catch up on some writing. I'm missing some good snow and family time, sure, but, trust me, I'll make it up in the upcoming Saturdays. Today, though, I needed to be a writer again -- because the last three weeks (maybe three months!) haven't been so much about writing.

Last year, one of my goals was to publish something every month. I'm happy to report that this went swimmingly.  For the first six months. As I wrote and revised and submitted like crazy ("I'll collect rejections like love letters!") I met that goal initially:

January: "Pedaling into a new way of life" was published in The Christian Science Monitor.
February: "A Story of Love and Teeth" was a finalist in a career change essay competition.
March: "Bar After Bar" was flash fiction accepted at Drunken Boat and published in August.
April: "Cop A Feel" was an essay accepted at Mom Egg and Underwired. I let Underwired publish it.
May: "Romancing the Poem" was a poem published at Chronology.
June: "Tree" was a short essay accepted at The Writer's Workshop Review and published in September.

But then summer and ScienceWorks and road trip and a Fall job teaching 9 credits at RCC hit and nothing got published. Nothing! I still submitted, but not so feverishly. Oh, and in September and October I participated in three 48-hour legs of a four-leg Flash Fiction writing contest at NYC Midnight -- productive and fun -- but nothing published from it. (Yet.)

Ultimately I met only half my goal.

But I'm okay with that! I'm excited about what I accomplished and learned.

So this year, I'm newly excited to take on an official challenge with other writers: the Write 1 Sub 1 for 2011 challenge. Similar to last year's goal, where I submitted like crazy, this year I promise to write something once a month and submit every month. Totally do-able.

I'll keep you posted on that.

As for other writing, teaching, parenting, etc., goals I'll keep writing them in my journal and pressing on.

Happy New Year to you. What's your goal?


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
I would say that year 2010 was a very challenging AND successful year for you, Anj, what with your teaching, writing, mothering and "wife-ing". (Uh, you didn't mention the back yard.) So much going on for you.
Onward to 2011!
Well, my goals:
Have more times with my dtr and grandkids---need to get that flower garden figured out!
Get more organized in my house..that came along pretty well since I "retired".
Put in a better veg garden; I need it for my new eating plan!
And, most importantly, make sure I am "present" to my hubby!
Love you,

anjie said...

Well, look who took my last line quite seriously! Thanks for replying, Mom.

Anyone else inspired to respond???

KUrlie said...

I was wondering when you'd do an update and I'm so glad you did. You had a great year Anj! Congratulations!

I will support your new goals however I can - just keep me posted on what you need.

My 2011 will be about separating the wheat from the chaff (sp?). And, implementing this next phase of my life. Already on it...


anjie said...

There's a reason you're my bestie, Karen. Thanks for the support, and good luck with your wheat/chaff separation. xo