Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First Port of Call: Cape Canaveral (aka Orlando and Harry Potter!)

7 AM -- dolphins frolicking in the morning sun as we stood on our cabin deck and watched. Coming from the PNW, we just don't experience that. It was adorable, awesome, delightful.

8 AM -- sitting in the rental car with Mick, Dane, Aubs and Mick's cousin Andrew, headed toward Orlando.

9-something AM -- dropped off at Universal Studios, Islands of Something, headed with the kids toward Harry Potter's Wizarding World, as were thousands of other excited people. (Ca-rowded!) Mick and Andrew headed to Orlando Watersports Complex to wakeboard among tens of other excited people.

10 AM to 4 PM -- while Mick and Andrew braved the chilly waters -- and the ab workout -- at the complex, the kids and I did this:

Waited in line for the Pteranodon Flyers.

Oh, wait, let me elaborate: the ride has a new rule that one person above a certain height and one person below a certain height (and no singles) could go on this ride. So, the kids decided to ride together and got whisked in a line away from me -- where I couldn't even see them! -- for 75 minutes at Universal Studios. And there were multiple routes they could take out of it when they got off. It was nerve-racking and frustrating. I tried to stay chill on a rock, again, for 75 minutes!, and updated my cell phone addresses, but I had no idea where they were or when they'd show up again. Not fun.

When they finally came off, in different areas, they said it was a total bust (bust, not blast): 75 minutes of waiting for an 80-second kiddie ride. Aaargh!

But we decided to embrace the experience and use it as a way to approach future rides: gauge wait time and thrill before getting in line. Lesson learned. Went okay after that.

Besides, we had an 11:20 time slot for Harry Potter, which was right next to Jurassic Park.

Pteranodon Flyer - bust

Jurassic Park was worth this shot.

At Harry Potter World, we met up with the cousins. An awesome group to experience the magic and wonder of this place with. We did the Forbidden Journey, which the kids LOVED in its 4D splendor (I had to close my eyes the whole time to keep from puking), and Dane and some of the other cousins did another thrilling ride a couple times, but Aubs was too short. Bummer. :(
She helped me grab Butterbeer for the gang, though, this delicious butterscotchy, cream soda-ish concoction straight out of the books.

Waiting in line for Forbidden Journey.

BB waits too just outside the castle.

In line.

The sorting hat spoke to us!

Their weapons of choice. Petrify! Stupefy!

A quick hot dog lunch before The Hulk ride, which apparently was the best ride ever.
I'll sign off now because Blogger's acting up on me and I'm getting stuck with picture formats and layout and font in this size. Stupefy!


Anonymous said...

Go, Harry, Go!!!
Looks like a day of fun for you and Kai;s family, while Mick and Andrew found out they had ABS!
Love to you all,
Grammy Jan Jan / JJJ / Mom

Anonymous said...

I saw many wands of Hogwarts return to the Carnival Pride, but never heard such stories. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

That last ride looks AMAZING; like a giant worm or caterpillar. I want to go on it!

Anonymous said...

hi mom the island of something is
called the island of adventure