Friday, January 07, 2011

Write 1 Sub 1 - early January progress report

Okay, I've submitted flash fiction  to The Coachella Review and The Pedastal Magazine.

To Do:
I also have a personal essay I plan to print and snail mail to THEMA, but first I have to add ink to my printer and buy some envelopes. Should happen by early next week.

I've also written a bunch, as resolved, but none of it is turning itself into anything -- no essay, no poem, no short story, no nothin. Yet. I'll probably end up eking something out on the last day of January. That's okay. I'll play the game.

I'm still embracing rejections. I'll submit like crazy and collect rejections as if they're love letters.

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KUrlie said...

Rock on Anj! Just keep putting your word out there, that's the only way to get it read:)