Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Quote of the Day - Medical Advice

On our cruise, Dane had an ear infection and was given his first-ever pill-form antibiotics. He kept trying, but couldn't get one down.

Aubrey, who's never taken a pill, advised: Just pretend like you're swallowing your gum.

Dane: gulp.

Not only can he swallow pills now, but he can do it without water.

Not so sure how proud to be of this.


Natalie N said...

Hilarious quote! Aubrey could be a doctor! :) Your kids are so big and darling.

I have had so much fun this afternoon sitting here catching up on 13 of your posts from my google reader. It's been a while since I've dropped by! Loved reading about your cruise (that 95 year old Grandma looks AMAZING!) and great trip back east. Whitney was looking at the pictures with me and I said, "Do you recognize these guys?" Whitney said, "I feel like I'm related to them, right?" Her comment made me smile. :)

Oh, and I LOVED that purple crochet hat you were wearing in some of the pictures. You are beautiful! We miss you guys and hope you are well!

anjie said...

Natalie! So good to hear from you! I love that you read 13 posts -- what a friend. :) And Whitney's comment is fabulous. That means you guys are officially welcome to stop by and stay with us on any "family" vacation.

Looking forward to catching up on your blog, too.

Love, Anj

Thomas said...

Susan and I just viewed the blog. it is great!
Lots of great memories.