Monday, May 31, 2010

Soldier Stories

If Memorial Day reignites your appreciation for the sacrifices our soldiers make to serve, consider reading my friend Marcus Brotherton's book, A COMPANY OF HEROES: PERSONAL MEMORIES ABOUT THE REAL BAND OF BROTHERS AND THE LEGACY THEY LEFT US. It's filled with the never-before-told stories of the The Band of Brothers.

* * *

In other news, some Americans are upset today because President Obama won't be at Arlington National Cemetery to recognize Memorial Day. Instead, he'll be in Chicago at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, honoring America's fallen.

Well, guess what I learned?

He's not the first president to be away for Memorial Day! Presidents Bush, Bush and Reagan were away from Arlington on Memorial Day during their tenures in office. President Clinton, however, never missed a year.

Read the article here at for the full scoop.

And Happy Memorial Day, wherever you're celebrating it.


Anonymous said...

Yup! The press is not being kind to Obama right now. He has his hands FULL; it is such a difficult job. And we will watch and see how much he too, has aged after four years, just as all our presidents are aged and look exhausted when they leave office. I doesn't even matter how popular they might be. We should always pray and appreciate the sacrifices president make in leading our country.
I read the memorial stories in the TNT today...always makes me get teary. What a waste of human-kind.
I think I will find his book for the inspiration it will be. I am readin a lot non-fiction lately.
Love and Happy Memorial Day,

Anonymous said...

We were a t Ft. Hamilton in New York on Memorial Day and it was a blessing to thank anyone I saw in military garb for their service. I do that normally but it was special on Memorial Day. A curator at the Ft. H. Museum served in Korea, another in Vietnam. And several soldiers have served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. They all deserve our thanks
A few days ago we were at West Point and I thought so often of Maurie, Grandfather, G.F. and his service in the Army during WWll that I had to call Kay, Grandmother, G.M., Mimi. She and Maurie had been to West Point several times.
May God richly bless those who've served and to their supportive families.
Thanks, Mike.
JJJ/Mom/Grammy Jan Jan