Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Christmas Chronicles, 2009 - Part I

I can't believe I didn't blog about Christmas -- at all.

And this blog is supposed to be the family album; it's the family scrapbook! What kind of mother misses Christmas???

It must have been that we had such fun just being in the spirit of the season, and entertaining house guests (a future blog post), that I just didn't hop on the computer much.

So let The Christmas Chronicles 2009 Part I simply be this:


Dana, Jan (Grammy), and I took the girls. First, we went for the traditional pre-Nutcracker meal at Red Robin and then we headed to the Ginger Rogers Craterian Theater for some Nutcracker. I think the guys all stayed at Kai's and put together the Wii, but we don't have photo dox of that... so we'll just stick to The Nutcracker.

At Red Robin:

At the Craterian:

And going home happy:

See ya next year.


Anonymous said...

And all of our girls (big and little) looked just beautiful and, oh, so happy. What a fun outing, and a wonderful memory to cherish! Interesting, that the girls and grammy were in red and black, and the mommies were in gray. Was that planned?
Thanks for the belated report, dear daughter.
Love, Mom.

Jennie Englund said...

All the girls and the mommies and the grammy look so so pretty!

Christmas in May! Perfect!

KUrlie said...

Anj - these are super sweet pics. What a fun girlie day:) You should print out the one of the 3 cousins - it's just so cute and Aubs would probably love to have it on her dresser in a sparkly frame. OR I will for her, if you want. Too cute to pass up!

Anonymous said...

I remember that HAPPY and CHILLY walk/ run/ and Maypole dance with my scarf back to our car. Appropriate to feature the sidewalk Maypole twirls of those happy cousin girls in May.
Color scheme wasn't planned, although Aubrey and Indi simultaneously bought their red dress without knowing the other was selecting the same dress. They've many instances where they'll like the same things - I know Indi & Aubs could make a list for us. Like their brains are wired the same???
I just happen to wear a lot of red and black - no planning there.
Thanks for triggering pleasant memories of our 'girls night out'.
JJJ/Grammy Jan Jan and/or Grammy Dumbo

Natalie N said...

I say it's never too late to document the holidays! Loved hearing about this. What beautiful girls -- all 3 generations! :)

Jennifer Margulis said...

Fun to be writing about X-mas in May. I am sort of a grinch about X-mas but this post made me like it better.