Saturday, May 01, 2010

Quotes of the Day

First one:

Mom, can we just stay home and read all day? -Dane and Aubrey, Friday morning.

Yup. They found my soft spot. Hopefully they have no idea how close I came to caving in. Picturing them curled up under blankets with books to their noses all day seemed very educational and inspired. I had to trust that their teachers had something even better in store for them - but sheesh!

* * *

Second one:

Mom? You know what I like about Jude? [Kindergarten cousin] He's so cuddly. He just gives me the biggest hugs. Every time I see him at school - even if I'm going with my class in another direction - Jude just runs up to me and gives me the biggest hugs. I like that. -Dane, grade 3

And another one by Dane, from a couple months back, so you see a theme here:

Mom? You know what I like about Dominic? [my friend Jennie's 6th grade son] He always asks me how I'm doing. Like when I came over after a baseball game with my uniform on, he asked me if my team won... and how I played... I like that.

So, two cool things there: Dane has really wonderful boys in his life and he appreciates affection and kindness and can articulate it.


Anonymous said...

What a tough decision, Anjie. I never would have heard Mick AND KAI ask to stay home to read. MICK was, and still is, devouring books day by day but he never asked to skip a day of school just to stay home to read.

Jude has such a huge heart ( I, too, welcome his hugs - really makes a Grammy feel loved). Dominic showed a sincere caring concern about Dane and his baseball game.

How articulate for Dane to share his reactions to others hugs and comments and to absorb his good feelings and to pass that love and caring he received onto others. How inspiring, Dane.

Anjie & Mick, you've really created a learning atmosphere in your home. Keep on nurturing Dane & Aubrey just as you are. They are blessed indeed!
Grammy Jan Jan / Mom / JJJ

What books are EACH of you reading? I'm just finishing "Founding Mothers" by Cokie Roberts. It really emphasizes how girls and women where very important contributors to the success of the Revolutionary War. A good read!

Jennie Englund said...

Sheesh, that kid Dominic sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...not sure I could have refused that activity! Sometimes I have a hard time getting my nose out of a book, and boy do other things I need to be doing suffer for it.
Keep it up, Dane and Aubrey, on being kind and caring, and loving to get the caring back! (It was fun talking to you last night.) And Aubrey, Papa was so pleased that you asked about him and wanted to talk to him, too.
Love you all,

Yes, Jennie...sounds like you are doing a great job too, with your child(ren) too.

Natalie N said...

Oh I love Dane. What a sweet boy!