Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Some Good Old-Fashioned Family Morels

With Craig, a family friend and expert in fungus among us, six Reynolds kids and six adults headed out the Green Springs Road yesterday to the Hyatt Lake area to gather morels.

Kai drove us out in the Death Star along some forest roads and we spent a couple hours trying to find the delicious morsels among dense trees and decaying stumps. The kids searched for a few minutes, but mostly played in swampy muck with sticks and rocks while we adults combed the hillsides.

Dane and his cousin Indi are ready to swamp stomp

Aubs gets ready aboard the Death Star

Ultimately, we discovered we were a bit early in the season, and only found eleven morels. However, we kept up group morel by harvesting mushroom jokes.

Needless to say, when we didn't find any mushrooms, morel was low.

Kai realized his disappointment in not finding a single morel could be considered mushtrating, but he was going to be a good spore(t) about it.

Mick said that with twelve people and two dogs in the Death Star, every space was filled, not leaving mush room for anything else.

And Craig told us at the end of the day that although he may have seemed a little serious during the search, he really is a fungi.

Aw, what a lucky strike.

Go ahead, cringe. Then tell me what would you have said.


Anonymous said...

This one came in on Facebook from Marianne Lonsdale:

Very fun piece. If I have 1 critique it is that the story would be stronger if u could find a morel to it.

michelle clark said...

Maybe you could have had better luck if you sat around a circle and sang, "Shroom-by-ya".

anjie said...

Hahaha, Michelle, I love you! Way to pull up a toadstool and play. ;)