Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYE 09

If you're like me, perhaps you, too, just figured out that NYE stands for "New Years Eve," not "New York Edition," or "Not Your Everday," or something like that. I've been looking at that acronym all month and had no clue.

Tonight's NYE looks lame. Did I say lame? I meant, um, tame...

Both kids will be overnighting with friends, which should be super-fun for them. Dane's been instructed to bring warm things and a flashlight because they're going to play tag all night. Aubrey's just supposed to plan to watch movies and play video games. That suits her just fine for a night.

Mick and I were going to go out with Kai and Dana and Garth, but they've all got major colds. It's not like we were going to majorly whoop it up or anything anways, though. In fact, last year I think we lasted until 11? Maybe 10?

Personally, I think there's a lot of romanticized hoopla about New Years Eve and whether you stay up to bring the New Year in, get a special kiss, etc., etc. But, then again, I've never been one much for ceremony.

Here's what I'm hoping to get out of tonight: good food, a movie, and myhoney by my side. Or a good book.

Tomorrow might be a little zippier: our neighbors across the street, Ali and Al, are having a neighborhood "Morning After" brunch. The kids can play and we can drink mimosas.


Anonymous said...

Anjie & Mick,
Love how you really celebrated the eve w/o kids.
Took sweet Sharly (who stayed in your vehicle) while you two sweethearts ate at Stone ?? - brewery and eatery. Then in a beautiful eve of moonlight and stars galore the three of you (that included Sharly) walked home. The next AM - Jan. 1, 2010, you, Anjie, and Sharly retrieved your vehicle. What a pleasant eve!!!
Contrast that eve with Mike watching a rather grim 'number name?' movie with Kai, Dana and Garth. I watched Home Alone and Beauty and the Beast with Barritt, Indi and Jude. I was groggier and groggier as the eve passed and excused myself (don't know if anyone even know I left their scene) and bedded down @ 11:30. Mike came to bed shortly after and we heard cheering from Kai and family that were still awake - surely bringing in the new year, not just celebrating a WI accomplishment of some sort
& A HAPPY 2010 TO YOU ALL!!!

Jennie Englund said...

Happy New Year, New Friend!

Hope you hit all your goals, especially your writing ones.