Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grammar Grouch

I'm not particularly picky about grammatical errors. Of course, I never make them, but I tolerate others' mistakes quite well.

All half-joking aside, here's a poster I'm thinking of buying for my kids. I'll probably have to wait and give it to them after they've reached their teens, since it has an abbreviated bad word in it, but it'll be worth the wait.

It clears up a lot of the confusion they're encountering in their writing. Perhaps it will have a positive effect on them and then maybe their writing won't be so weird.


michelle clark said...

my blog is

KUrlie said...

thats so awesum

anjie said...

o karen your funy. i new youd let lose on me for this one.

Anonymous said...

Buy it now, Anjie, and explain what needs to be.
I always get effected by a scary movie and the affect is always horrible. OOPS! I really do get those two mixed up as in the previous sentence, often. Actually I then think a sec or two and then decide to use another word rather than check the dictionary. DUH? Can you even in your genius minds imagine that?
Great poster!! - maybe Debbie and Inga would love a copy???

Anonymous said...

Anjie, just remembered that my initial glimpse at this blog and my mind read 'GRAMMY GROUCH'. I then wondered if I'd gotten the honor of such a blog title or was the blog about your Mom???
Oh, yikes!!!