Tuesday, December 01, 2009


We just brought Sharly home an hour ago. (Yeah, I think we'll give her a new name. So far, she seems to respond to Jimmy. haha.)

Sharly's a Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever, a rare breed, and she is well-mannered, mellow, and has ears like velvet.
She also fetches, which was important to us.

In fact, many things were, such as:
*soft fur for cuddling and sleeping with
*up for walks and hikes
*would play fetch
*not a big shedder
*not a big barker
*a puppy, if you asked Dane and Aubrey
*an adult (at least a year and a half), if you asked Mick or me (not sure we're up for training!)

Sharly meets 'em all -- except for the puppy part if you're Dane and Aubrey (Sharly's 5). And she was free on craigslist! It's a long story as to how she came to us, but we'll take her in all her splendor and adorableness.

Dane and Aubrey have waited all their lives for a dog. This is a really sweet day. I'll post pics with them soon...


Anonymous said...

Welcome, sweet Sharly, to the Reynolds' household.
You'll have many enjoyable years with Mick, Anjie, Dane & Aubrey.
Dane and Aubrey, you now have your own, yes your own, doggy. And what a cutey she is. She looks so cuddly. And a retriever she is - heard she was retrieving her first Reynolds' doggy toy last night.
Can't wait to meet her around Christmas time.
Grammy Jan Jan

Anonymous said...

Yeeeaaah !!
She is so CUTE. She has a happy face and her tail looks bushy, like a fox's. Jimmy, huh? That would be unique, all right.

How was camping out in the bedroom the first night? Next camp out will be under the Christmas tree, we're sure.

Waiting to see pictures of two happy kids with their first dog.

Have lots of fun with her.
Mema & Poppa

Natalie N said...

Wow! That's so exciting! I love how the kids think she's a puppy. Sounds like the stars aligned just perfectly for you guys to be her new family!

Shelby Friesen said...

2 things...
1. That is the sweetest looking dog I've ever seen.
2. Sharly is the ugliest name I've ever heard.

Soes she have a new one yet?