Thursday, December 24, 2009


Tonight it's Christmas Eve Dessert and Singing at our house.

We have fruits and Nilla wafers and gummy worms ready, and we've printed up songbooks for the singers and guitar players.

Mick's bro and his wife (Kai and Dana) and their four kids (Barritt, Indi, Jude and Weston), Dana's parents (Greg and Linda), Dana's bro ("Uncle Garth"), Mick's parents (Mike and Jan), and our family (you know all of us) will celebrate together.

And sometime in there, my mom and Don are coming! They're leaving Puyallup after an appointment this morning, and hope to arrive by 9 or so tonight. This was a last minute plan, and it's just perfect they'll round out the family celebration.

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Jennie Englund said...

That looks lovely -- and yummy!

Hope you had the best holiday ever.