Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today I'm bound and determined to figure out how to get Zumba classes taught at our YMCA. The Medford Y holds them, but so far Ashland hasn't even heard of them.

What is Zumba? Here's what I know: it's a killer, fun, calorie-burning dance workout that my friends in Washington and Tennessee LOVE. L-O-V-E -- the way I love to eat whole jars of frosting. Huge, huh? And wouldn't I love to have a great substitute for THAT passion? (For the record, I haven't bowed to the canned frosting gods since October.)

THAT'S what I want.

So, here's my approach for the day:

1- Call the Ashland Y director to find out if it's even on her radar. (Done. Left message.)
2- See if the Medford teacher could swing a couple classes a week in Ashland.
3- See if I need to get myself into a Zumba Instruction class. I just found the instruction class website, and they're taught all over the nation - but the May classes for Issaquah, WA, and Tigard, OR, are already SOLD OUT! There's a Bend, OR, class June 6, and it's not full yet... We'll see what I have to do.

The only sticky point about that third option (teaching) is that I'm out of shape and I've never actually done a Zumba class! Ha! Oh, and it costs $220 - but I think I could recoup the damages there if I went through with it.

So, I'll keep thinking through this as I head out for my first Pilates class at the Y, my first Pilates class in about a year. Youch...


Anonymous said...

You go girl!! You could totally teach the class and would LOVE it! And you would totally make the money back as the teachers at my Y are teaching almost daily as the class is in such high demand. Especially since it is not all ready offered there, I KNOW it would be a huge hit!!!

anjie said...

Hey Keri -

Did you figure out you're my friend in Tennessee? Like the blog props???

Hey, I've got my 'Y' director looking into this! I'd love to teach it someday, but I bet there's somebody nearby that's ready NOW. I'll keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

171 classes offered within 25 miles of 5518 Oxalis Dr. Gold offered @ UP City Center. I just may look into it. Sounds invigorating and I could get into it slowly.
Know you'd be a dynamic instructor.

Anonymous said...

We have been talking about it for about three weeks. Don thinks I should take up Zumba and have a blast! What think you; can I be in your class?
You should go for it, Anj. Your class participants would love you!

anjie said...

Jan, you should definitely do the Gold class. Let me know what it's like!

Mom, you should follow Don's advice! Krystin Purvis Dahl teaches it in Puyallup - wouldn't that be fun???


Cyrus and Annie said...

They did something like that at the Y in California...I always saw them in there having a blast during my spin class (I loves spin too much to switch) and of course in California, they had a live drummer to dance to...

also, being out of shape doesn't count you out as an instructor...its the Y not Gold's gym, people are real there.

Anonymous said...

We have Zumba at our town club!! LOVE it!!!