Saturday, April 04, 2009


Let me know what you'd think this meant if you heard Dane and Aubrey making these sounds:


Most interesting guess wins a prize.
Closest to correct wins a prize.


Natalie N said...

My guess would be an old car sputtering? You've got very creative kids, so anything is possible! :)

Shelby said...

That's the sound of a rifle... duh.

Shelby said...

actually... that's a shotgun, not a rifle. I get them confused since I prefer hand guns.

anjie said...

Nat, you win a prize just for playing. Send me your address and I'LL send YOU... a fabulous new car!

Shelby, you're all over it. I can't believe you knew that without any hints. The first time I heard it I thought they were joking about going to the bathroom. Yikes. So, send me YOUR address and I'LL send YOU... a pair of leather chaps and a fancy new holster.

Love, Anj