Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now, if that's not tantalizing, I don't know what is...

Earth Day First

So, let me give a mini-blip about Earth Day so it's sure to cross your radar: Think Green Tomorrow!

Our family's contribution is to leave the cars in the driveway all day (we try to do this a few times a week anyway, but tomorrow we'll really be intentional) and walk, bike, or ride mass transit!

Along with that, our day will be especially exciting because we're biking to our friends', the Zooks, for dinner -- where we'll meet Robert Laporte of EcoNest and discuss the Cob-building project the kids will do with him at a ScienceWorks demonstration on Saturday.

Those are just a couple things we're doing. Needless to say, there are lots of ways to be green and I'd love to hear 'em. Drop me a one-liner in the comment box and let me know how you will be green for Earth Day!

Next Up, A Month of Morbid Mondays
Okay, so now that I've gone green for a few minutes, let me go grody. If you can believe it, I can't stop thinking about Halloween and this little curriculum I'm dying to pitch to ScienceWorks. Here's what it would look like (it still needs tweaks, but I'm just getting started):

presents A Month of Morbid Mondays

When: October, Mondays, 6 - 7:30 p.m.
Where: ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum
What: A Month of Morbid Mondays

  • Learn how make-up artists create disgusting visual effects
  • Practice making convincing scars and scabs on yourself and others

  • Learn about famous literary concoctions, from Macbeth's Double Double Toil and Trouble to Harry Potter's Love Potion
  • Dream up your own list of nasty ingredients and pen their secret spell
  • Make revolting recipes from the Creepy Cuisine cookbook -- food that looks disgusting but tastes divine

  • Learn the legends and myths surrounding why the ancient Egyptians embalmed the dead
  • Learn how ancient Egyptians embalmed the dead - and make your own m-m-m-mummy

Obviously, I have more to develop -- like:

*What kind of mummy will they make? Will it be some kind of doll wrapped in gauze? Will they wrap each other in toilet paper and recycle the material later? Will they write little skits based on legends they've heard?

*What kinds of materials will we need? rubber cement and make-up for the scars? face paint? corn syrup and red food coloring for blood? hard-boiled eggs, green olives and red food-coloring for a plate full of bloodshot eyeballs? (yes!)

But this is where it all starts, folks. Feel free to help me tweak it if you have any ideas or experience here. Oh, and I envision a class full of up to a dozen 6-10 year-olds, each alongside their "adult."



Anonymous said...

No wonder you're struggling to get to writing, you're creating a very clever proposal for next Oct.s' Morbid Mondays.I'll take some time this eve with Mike and see if we've other ideas. Bet you could borrow Barritt's 'mummy' costume she wore in Seattle.
Onto Green Day. I can see Mike and I walking the fence line between 5518 and the cemetery, picking up trash. I know he did that with Kai and don't know about Mick??
Oops, if forgot about dinner at the Zooks (what's their child's name?- Logan, perhaps?) and the fellow with his wife who started 'Econest. That's amazing. I looked up the econest site - very interesting (with dial-up, didn't download the pics.
Please let us know how it goes and what the kids are doing with him @ ScienceWorks. I noticed Econest is on schedule for workshops most of the month of May in Ashland. WOW!

KUrlie said...

I'm totally ready to join the Morbid Mondays Anj! I LOVE grossout Halloween themes. Perhaps blindfolding with bowls of gross things to identify...spaghetti worms, stewed tomato guts, sprouts for hair...so good and gross. Let the nasty commence:)

anjie said...

Jan - I'll post about Saturday's cob demonstration at ScienceWorks. I think it's a really special opportunity for us.

Karen - I LOVE your idea! I've done that before and it's SO MUCH FUN. In fact, you made me realize I need to add that activity to my summer ScienceWorks "Slippery Sticky Messy Mix-y Texture" camp! The kids will FLIP to do that activity. Thanks, pal. :)