Thursday, April 09, 2009


A rustling sound
Sunday night at 10:30, Mick was asleep and I was using the computer in our bedroom, when I heard a rustling in the hallway. I wasn't sure which kid it was, so I called out something like, "Hey... Dane? Aubs? Who's out there?"

The next thing I hear is Aubrey FALLING DOWN OUR STAIRS.

I leaped out of bed
-- Mick did, too, even in his grogginess -- and bolted down the stairs to find Aubrey standing, crying, disoriented, with a quickly swelling nose.

She wrapped herself around me, nose bleeding, just sobbing. I think she was still half-asleep, too.

Trip to the E.R.
I took her to the Ashland Hospital E.R. where they checked her over for broken bones, a concussion, and possible kidney damage (the chance of that looked really slim, but she had a small abrasion/bruise on her back in that region, so they just covered that base). I have to say, it was unnerving to discuss whether or not to do a CT scan to test for a concussion - with Natasha Richardson on the cover of PEOPLE magazine hanging in the magazine rack right next to us.

Aubs was pretty unsettled that whole time, crying unless she was asleep. But I had to mostly keep her awake until 1 a.m. when we were finally cleared to leave. After that, she slept next to me at home and I had to wake her for a response every hour to make sure she didn't have a concussion.

What exactly happened?
Aubrey tried to remember the event, but mostly she says she remembers just that the hall was poorly lit (yes, we're leaving MUCH more light on now IN the bathroom) and that she thought she was turning into the bathroom doorway - but basically went an extra step and turned down the stairwell (yes, we're getting a gate from a friend tomorrow). She doesn't remember falling, and doesn't really remember me carrying her upstairs to get a good look at her. She DID seem really groggy and sleepy.


She and I are hard sleepers. My college roommates used to get a kick out of talking to me when I'd randomly wander out into the living room holding two different shoes in my hands and asking where everyone from the party was. I used to wake up COMPLETELY disoriented in that moment, with a a couple of creepy roomies howling at me. Mick likes to raz me, too, when I sleep walk and talk to him, asking him questions that have no basis in reality.

Oh, yeah, the stairs...

At least 12 stairs, hard wood with a not-so-soft secured runner, and a stone tile landing at the bottom. You can actually see now on Aubrey's nose where a line/bruise crosses her bridge -- probably where she actually contacted a stair. Poor girl...

It could've been so much worse.


Natalie N said...

Wow! Poor little Aubrey! I totally understand your fears after Natasha Richardson's recent accident. Thankfully everything is okay with Aubrey. Get well soon Aubs!

Danigirl said...

Wow... How scary!
I'm just getting to this now - several days after the fact. How is she now? Recovering well? Did she get black eyes from the whack on the nose?

And... did the docs 'believe' that she fell down the stairs, or did they give you the twice over to make sure that you weren't the real cause... weird how that's the first thing on their mind these days in the ER...

Love you.